Our Production

The quality is the essential element of our work, and we avoid dwelling on the word ‘quality’, but we are conscious to be part of a ‘little’ structure, where we work constantly in the research of innovative and original solutions, beginning from used leathers, joined to the new materials for the creation of technique pieces, to the use of particular decorations with different kinds of leathers, or the addition of different materials like wool, lucid leathers, etc.\r\nNear the traditional furs, made with originality, we produce raincoats, but the word raincoat could be a limit, because they are made with precious materials, with fur elements, and the best Italian manufacture, like covers, and original accessories.\r\nThe accessories like bags, hats, scarves, are made with precious wools with a soft orylag fur, and we produce very soft fur slippers, our exclusive creation, made with the same furs… you can put them on, and you become again a child, with the soft teddy-bears in true natural Orylag fur.