Our firm, “Furrier’s shop Gonzato”, has been in business for 40 years. In the course of time it widened by supplying not only private customers but also factories: many Italian and foreign dealers apply to us. Our firm has joined the Fur Italian Association (Associazione Italiana della Pellicceria) and has taken part in the “Origin Assured” project. Our customers often inquire where the fur coat they are going to purchase comes from; therefore, this voluntary labelling system has been created in order to meet their requirements. If an item of clothing has been labelled “OA”, its fur surely comes from one of those producing countries where the local laws take into account the animal resources. This means that the fur coat is a natural product, which is the result of a careful choice. Our staff can significantly assist enterprises and private customers in choosing the most suitable articles of clothing and trimmings. What are the reasons for applying to “Pellicceria Gonzato”. We have acquired professional experience for 40 years and our goal is to meet our customers’ needs, because this makes our firm grow; We will fulfil our customers’ expectations; Moreover, you can give back the article you bought or have it customized.