Frequently Asked Questions :

Do you collect more than one second-hand fur coats?

Yes, sure, we can collect more than one fur coat.

Do you collect leather coats and sheepskin coats?

Yes, of course

Do you collect fur necks and cuffs?

Yes, if they are in good condition.

My leather is very heavy. Can you lighten it?

Yes, with our new treatments, we can lighten the weight of your coat. This treatment and the use of high quality and light materials, make light and soft the fur coat.

Is it possible to dye it?

We can dye the coat fur, compatibly with its features and the preservation

I have a wide mink coat, and I would like to model it, do you do it?

We can model you coat fur and this treatment is very cheap, because with the new treatment the leather and the fur will be regenerated and it become again brilliant.

I have a fox coat and a marmot coat, I didn’t put on for a long, and can I change it?

Yes, it’s possible change and to model the coat.’,0,’eng’),(20,’What is the price of a good mink coat that I put one few times?’,’We can estimate the coat only to see it, because many elements determinate the value of the coat (if the animal is male or female, colour, the work, model the condition, etc)but if the coat is good preserved, its value will be high.

Which is the Correct Maintenance?

Your fur coat needs constant humidity and temperature. For this reason, during the summer, it‘s a good habit, preserving the fur coat in air conditioning places, giving luminosity and softness to the fur coat. Avoiding the use of naphthalene because the bad smell is absorbed by the leather. Particular, but not useful, are the old remedies for example: peppers and laurel. It’s better using the Para- chlorine, that is efficacious to kill the moths, doesn’t damage the leather and doesn’t leave the odour on the fur. Avoiding the perfume, because it damages fur coat. Every year, the fur coat must be cleaned like the other winter coats of your wardrobe, for sanitary regulations. Don’t leave the fur coats near the source of heat because the leather dries up. Using a large coat hook and leaving a space between the fur coat and the other dresses. Avoiding to expose the fur coat at the sun for a long time. It’s a good habit, exposing the fur coat (3-4 times in a year) during humid nights, in the open air, but you take a look at the thieves!